Building Student Resilience

AlphaPoint.Me™ is a video-based online education program to enhance student health, wellness and resilience

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Our Mission

To promote resilience among student populations.

Research has shown that resilience is a key ingredient to a happy, healthy and successful life. AlphaPoint provides the knowledge and tools to build resilience, recognize mental health issues and get assistance, form healthy relationships, interact with diverse groups, improve civil interactions, while learning real facts about alcohol and drugs.

Why use AlphaPoint?

Holistic Approach

We use a positive, skills building approach to comprehensively address the interrelated factors contributing to mental health, substance use, Title IX and diversity issues.

Backed by Science

The programs were created by professors, scientists, and practitioners with direct experience working with collegiate populations and numerous peer-reviewed publications in their respective fields.

Effective Results

Students using our program experienced a 48% increase in knowledge, 34% reduction in perceived drug and alcohol use, 35% increased likeliness to get help at the counseling center.

Our Programs

Resilience Program

The Resilience Program is a 90 minute program for all incoming students during orientation that enhances student health, wellness and resilience.

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Athlete Program

The Athlete Program is a 45 minute video-based education program assists with NCAA sexual violence prevention training requirements. It emphasizes hot-button issues plaguing collegiate-level athletics.

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Faculty and Staff Program

The Faculty and Staff Program is a 45 minute video-based education program covers the specifics of federal policies regarding student, faculty, and staff protection.

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Solutions Program

The Solutions Program is a Sanctions Course for students who experience difficulties or violate school policy. We are proudly the only sanction course in the country which addresses diversity issues.

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Our Difference is our Holistic Approach

An extensive body of literature has shown clear connections between mental health, substance use, relationship issues and diversity issues among college students. Consistent with scientific findings, we developed a unique holistic approach to address all of contributing factors involved in these inter-related factors.

Our focus is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to overcome the underlying issues, not just educate them on the symptoms.

Wellness Mental Heatlh

Mental health and depression are directly linked to alcohol and drug consumption

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Among college students, social anxiety is associated with hazardous drinking

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Relationships Interpersonal & Sexual Assault

Dating violence leads to a variety of mental health problems

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Half of all Intimate partner violence involves alcohol

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Community Civility & Resources

There is an underutilization of mental health services among college students

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Cyber bullying in college is associated with alcohol use problems

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Balance Substance Abuse

College students who use marijuana on a regular basis have lower ability to deal with negative psychological states

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Diversity Engaging Differences

Among ethnic minority students, microagressions are associated with increased anxiety, drinking & alcohol related consequences.

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Interactive Learning Approach

Alphapoint was developed by former college professors experienced with teaching collegiate populations. To facilitate learning and retention, the program was designed to be highly interactive and engaging. Below are some of the learning approaches used in the program

HD Video with synchronized slides
Normative assessments
Fact or Myth quizzes
Skills building exercises
Reflective Exercises
Student Experience Stories
Program Customization Options - AlphaPoint

Program Customization Options

Choose which topics to include in each program Complimentary
Customize slide content and assessment questions Complimentary
Option to create custom topics written by our PhD experts with custom video production Optional
Option for custom analystics and reporting by our PhD data scientists Optional

Our results speak for themselves

A large university partnered with AlphaPoint to enhance student wellness and resilience, increase student success and reduce attrition. Learn how AlphaPoint improved the lives of 7,300 of their students.

See what our users think about the program

It gave me all the resources I need to stay physically and mentally healthy during college. It also taught me how to stay safe.


It made be feel more welcomed and less afraid of being a freshman in a different state away from home.


I liked the emphasis on how to get help if you need it. Whether you are depressed or have experienced sexual assault, the AlphaPoint program offers all kinds of help to any student who needs it.


I really like how it detailed and legitimized different mental problems that students often face. I also like how it provided tips on how to keep yourself as safe as possible on campus.


If I lost focused for a minute, I could just back up the video and the visual aids to the right were synced up with the video. So the website and program design is very user-friendly.


I loved that everyone in the program were very understanding of the common struggles/challenges each student might potentially face during their college experience.


I like hearing about how seriously sexual misconduct is taken on campus. As a young female entering college that is something I was very concerned about.


I liked the videos. I learn/pay attention to videos more than text or questions. I thought it was cool to have it so a real person is talking to you.


I liked how they proved all the bad side effects of drugs and alcohol by providing scientific evidence as not to scare us but to help us learn.


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